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From £11.90 per month including life cover

Pay Out

Up to £7500 pay out per injury

Contact Name

Ben Coleman



Other Services Available

Life Insurance, Mortgages, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, Business Protection, Fracture Cover



For the last year and a half, I had an opportunity with a company and am now also a trained financial advisor but specialising in protection for example life insurance, mortgages, income protection etc. What I have been really focussing on because of my squash is working hard with providers to find an injury cover product that will cover players or anyone really if they were to get injured. It is something that I wish I had throughout the last 10 years and want to make players more aware of this where I am able to help. As I said before this can be for both amateur players and professional players and is super affordable as well, almost a no brainer for me!

Professional squash player Ben Coleman is now a Financial Advisor at Gameplan Financial Ltd, specialising in personal financial protection.

How does this cover differ from England Squash cover?

The main differences would be the following:

• The England squash cover is very basic and would cover for no more than £500 regardless of what fracture or multiple fractures that you suffered, whereas this cover with me can pay out a single payment of £7500.

• The ES cover is only for fractures whereas the cover through me actually covers a number of different dislocations and ligament damage.

• The ES cover will only cover you while on court whereas the cover I am talking about not only covers you on court whether you are professional or just a club player, it will also cover your whole life if you have an accident.

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