Welcome to the dedicated page for our NHS Thank You campaign!

A bit of background information, On April the 8th 2020,  I produced a set of running kit for myself (to beat the lockdown blues!) that paid tribute to the NHS and everything they have been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted millions of people worldwide!

A simple Facebook post with the photo of my gear (click here for screenshot) resulted in a number of people messaging me asking if I could produce a t-shirt for them as well to show support for the NHS as well!

Subsequently, I then decided to commission a print run of these t-shirts using the NHS Thank You Logo alongside a customised logo depicting the Rod of Asclepius. For those of you who aren’t up on your greek mythology, Asclepius is, or rather was, the greek god of medicine, healing and rejuvenation 🙂

All profits from the sales of these t-shirts will be donated to the NHS via the NHS Charities together program. You can also donate directly on their website at:

This page will serve to keep a running total on what we have raised for the NHS as we are looking to make this an ongoing project (not just for the duration of the virus!) as our bit to show support to the NHS in general and especially in the current circumstances. We will maintain a hall of fame list, thanking and acknowledging their contributions and support to this campaign! Please feel free to send your photos in of you wearing the t-shirts and we will add these to our gallery page 🙂 Please send all photos to use at

Click on the banner below to order your very own NHS Thank You T-shirt 🙂 – NOW AVAILABLE IN ROYAL BLUE!!

How Is The Campaign Going?

Number of People who have donated to the NHS so far by supporting this campaign 🙂 


Number of T-Shirts printed and dispatched as part of this campaign 🙂

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Amount of money raised for the NHS for this campaign so far 🙂 

NHS Donations List - Thank You!
Photo Gallery

If you’d like to feature in our photo gallery, please feel free to send us in your best photos either by:

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