The Inaugural Robin Rotherham Invitational Graded Squash Tournament 2022

Tournament Organiser

Joe Magor | | Tel: 07909531367

Tournament Date

This event will be a weekend event run on Saturday the 10th of December 2022

Tournament Categories

Men's Open – (Squash Levels: 5500+ ) - PSA Players and County Level Club Players .

Ladies Open – (Squash Levels: 2500+ ) - PSA Players and County Level Club Players .

B Grade (Squash Levels: 2400-5499) - Players in the PSA, County League 1st Division League Team

C Grade (Squash Levels: 1200-2399) - Players in a County League 2nd Division League Team

D Grade (Squash Levels: 300-1199) - Players who play in a lower team, recreationally or in a Club internal League

Tournament Schedule

The tournament will run all day on Saturday from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

More Information

• Trophies will be awarded to all grade and plate winners and finalists.

• Prize money will be allocated to players in the Men's and Ladies Open events based on their finishing positions.

• Entry fee is £22.50 and payable either by cash on the day or by debit/credit card online or on the day!

• Entry Fee includes a tournament t-shirt.

• All players are guaranteed a minimum of three matches (Best of 3).

• All matches will be Best of 3, PAR 11 Scoring (2 clear points at 10-10).

• All matches results will be logged onto League Master and imported into Squash Levels.

• For all enquiries, please email me at or call/text 07909 531367


A list of players that have entered this event can be found at the bottom of this page. This list is updated manually on a daily basis so your name won’t appear on the list straight after you have entered!

The Inaugural Robin Rotherham Invitational Graded Squash Tournament 2022 Entry Form

This entry list was last updated on: Thursday 8th December 2022 @ 2:05pm

Men's OPEN

1. Hayden Tetley
2. Noah Meredith (Brighton)
3. Ryan Spencer (Abbeydale)
4. Jordan Warne (Colets)
5. Luke Power (Colets)
6. Joshua Jacobs (Surbiton)
7. Michael Aley (Kingswood)
8. Joe Lee (New Malden)
9. Daniel Thomson (Roehampton)
10. Dan Zammit-Lewis (Sandown)
11. Oisin Logan (Colets)
12. Daryl Selby (Colets)
13. Richie Fallows (Bexley)
14. Phil Nightingale (St George’s Hill)
15. Andrew Lindsay (Kenilworth)
16. Curtis Malik (K2 Crawley)
Reserve 1. Will Harris (Southbank)

Ladies Open

1. Grace Gear (Berkhamsted)
2. Kimberley Hay (Paddington)
3. Emma Keane (Southbank)
4. Jasmine Tetley (Uni of Nottingham)
5. Natasha Burrett (Southbank)
6. Torrie Malik (Crawley)
7. Anna Kimberley (Ipswich)
8. Millie Tomlinson (Duffield)
Reserve 1. 
Reserve 2.
Reserve 3.

B Grade

1. Andy King (Colets)
2. Billy Rose (Colets)
3. Tom Lloyd (Colets)
4. James Erte (Colets)
5. Hilton Foster (Colets)
6. Josh Underhill (Abbeydale)
7. Brett Cockbill (Colets)
8. Ali Ladak (Coolhurst)
9. Greig Andersson (Southbank)
10. Harry Prescot (Dulwich)
11. Jack Bishop (Paddington)
12. Mitch Hedges (Paddington)
13. David Newman (Wimbledon Racquets)
14. James McClean (Limpsfield)
15. David Crane (Colets)
16. Ahmed Khan (Kingswood)
17. Akshaye Wadhwa (Paddington)
18. Joe Robbins (Britannia)
19. Harry Hamblin (Wimbledon Racquets)
20. George Horton (Cumberland)
21. Deon Chorley (Charters Arena)
22. Alex Pinchin (The Wimbledon Club)
23. Louis Nunes da Costa (Southbank)
24. Ashley Merchant (Grafton)
Reserve 1.
Reserve 2.
Reserve 3.

C Grade

1. Dominic Prittie (Richmond Olympus)
2. George Miller (Colets)
3. Louis Robjant (Dulwich)
4. Pehvendran Ravindran (Bristol Wanderers)
5. Dennis Roberts (Colets)
6. Geoff Bew
7. Nathan Boyd (Wessex Swindon)
8. Anthony Tetley (Market Harborough)
9. Gabriel Bowen (Grafton)
10. Joshua Davies (Tunbridge Wells)
Reserve 1. 
Reserve 2.
Reserve 3.

D Grade

1. Nick Eyles (Colets)
2. Mike Walshe (Colets)
3. Martin Ashford (Colets)
4. Cameron McGeoch (Richmond Olympus)
5. Tom Dixon (Colets)
6. James Hatton-Smith (Richmond Olympus)
7. Timothy Cox (Oakleigh Park)
8. Jenna Mitchell
Reserve 1. 
Reserve 2.
Reserve 3.