The Oktoberfest Cup 2021
Entries open in:

Please stay on this page! Once the countdown timer has finished, you will be automatically redirected to the tournament entry page so don’t go anywhere 🙂

The entry Process

This event, quite literally, sells out in minutes. It’s the fastest-selling graded tournament in the UK, with the 2017 edition selling out in 5 minutes as well as three of the other editions selling out in under 10 minutes! (Including the infamous server crash of 2018!) Entries for this tournament open on Monday the 20th of September 2021 at 10pm sharp! If you are more than certain that you want to be part of this event then it is highly recommended that you enter as soon as the entries open as I’ve had people enter the following morning and wonder how they are the 7th reserve on the B grade list!! We have a limited number of places (60 total) and from the messages I’ve been receiving in the past few weeks, the number of people looking to enter is nearly 100 so you do the math….

To enter, all you need to do is stay on this page, until the countdown timer reaches zero. Once it hits zero, this page will automatically redirect you to the main entry page with the entry form. You don’t need to do anything as this is done automatically and you don’t need to refresh this page a load of  times as it won’t make the counter hit zero any quicker!!

There is a WhatsApp group for this event, which will include live updates and reminders when we get closer to entries opening so if you definitely want in and want to be kept in the loop, you can join this group using the link:

Tshirt sweepstakes competition

For the first time, we are introducing a t-shirt sweepstakes competition for this event and also for The Fines Cup VII – Pandemic tournament (being held on the 4th of December 2021). Every player taking part in the tournament will automatically be entered into the competition at no extra cost. Every tournament t-shirt will have a QR code on the back. The process is simple, turn up, sign in to the tournament desk, pay your entry fee (if not already done beforehand) and you’ll receive your tournament t-shirt! Scan your code at the desk to see if you have won a prize!

• One super lucky player will win a Head Graphene 360+ Speed 120 SB racket as used by newly crowned British Open Champion, Paul “Superman” Coll!
• Three lucky players will win their £20 entry fee back (free entry, t-shirt and all-you-can-eat BBQ? Why not!?)
• Three unlucky players will win a drink forfeit at the bar!! (to be decided by the OF committee and is opt-in as well!)

Beer Boot Contest

As with previous editions, the beer boot contest will be back for players to pit their off-court skills against each other. This event takes place after the trophy ceremony after the A grade final and is a lot of fun!! Cash prizes are up for grabs as well for winners and runner-ups of each category! The one main change to this competition however is we will be retiring the Two Pint beer boots, traditionally used for the final as one of them is broken and the other is AWOL and I feel the One Pint boots for the final are more appropriate!!

Food and Drink

As before, there will be an all-you-can-eat German themed BBQ in the afternoon and evening and this is included in your entry fee. We will also be running deals on drinks during the tournament including the famous £2 for a bottle of Erdinger!