Middlesex League Cup 2024

Tournament Eligibility

This event is restricted to Middlesex/London players who either:

1) Reside in London.
2) Play in a London club.
3) Play for a team in the Middlesex Leagues.

Tournament Organiser

Ivy Deltiens | middlesexjuniorsquash@gmail.com | Tel: 07873 108320

Joe Magor | joe@cmstringers.com | Tel: 07909531367

Tournament Dates

This event will be a one day event run on Sunday the 12th of May 2024 with the categories below.

The event will also include Middlesex Winter League 2023/24 trophy presentation and AGM and this will be held in the club bar in the evening after the graded tournament finals.

Tournament Categories

A Grade – Players in the PSA, County Premier or 1st Division League Team (Squash Levels: 5000+ )

B Grade – Players in a County League 2nd or 3rd Division League Team (Squash Levels: 2500-4999)

C Grade – Players in a County League 4th or 5th or Lower Division League Team (Squash Levels: 1200-2499)

D Grade – Non-Team Players who play recreationally or in a Club internal League (Squash Levels: 300-1199)

E Grade – Players who are beginners and are new to the game (Squash Levels: 0-299)

More Information

• Trophies will be awarded to all grade and plate winners and finalists.

• Entry fee is £25.00 and payable either by cash on the day or by debit/credit card online or on the day!

• Entry Fee includes a Middlesex League Cup 2024 tournament t-shirt.

• All players are guaranteed a minimum of three matches as the event will be run using a monrad format.

• All matches will be Best of 3, PAR 11 Scoring (2 clear at 10-10)

• All matches results will be logged onto League Master and imported into Squash Levels

• For all enquiries, please email me at joe@cmstringers.com or call/text 07909 531367


A list of players that have entered this event can be found at the bottom of this page. This list is updated manually on a daily basis so your name won’t appear on the list straight after you have entered!

Middlesex League Cup 2024 - Entry Form

Middlesex Cup 2024 Entry Form

This entry list was last updated on: Wednesday 17th April 2024 @ 11:55pm

A Grade

1. Etien Ploquin-Lucas (Southbank)
2. Oscar Dial (Southbank)
3. Simon Millman (Coolhurst)
4. Akshaye Wadhwa (RAC)
5. Matt Lyons (Brondesbury)
6. Simon Shelley (Brondesbury)
7. Davide Bernardi (Southbank)
8. Shahab Raza (Dulwich)
9. Jonathan Andvig (Southbank)
10. Chris Peer (Southbank) 
11. Shadow Lilico (Radlett)
12. Patrick Mills (Hazelwood)

Reserve 1. Emilio Gate (Southbank)
Reserve 2. Christopher Abel (Southbank)
Reserve 3. Zak Mirza (Harrow)
Reserve 4. Arjan Virdi (Coolhurst)
Reserve 5. Simon Roach (Southbank)
Reserve 6. Ben Lawes (Southbank)


B Grade

1. Jonathan Carter (Cumberland)
2. Emily Peach (Cumberland)
3. Michal Smoczyk (Finchley Manor)
4. Greig Andersson (Southbank)
5. Laura Neill (The Lansdowne Club)
6. William Ward (Southbank)
7. John Townhill (Southbank)
8. Matthew Eliott (Brondesbury)
9. Josh Hawkesby (Cumberland)
10. Sai Morar (Southbank)
11. Barney Henton (Cumberland)
12. George John (Imperial University)
13. Gregory Dighton (Cumberland)
14. Calum Harvey (Southbank)
15. Brent Compton (Coolhurst)
16. Ross Tyler (Brondesbury)
17. Mitch Hedges (Paddington)
18. Allan Mckenzie-Hickson (Finchley Manor)
19. Michael Tegerdine (Southbank)
20. Andrew Green (Oakleigh Park)
21. Theo Sharp (Finchley Manor)
22. Calum Murray (Britannia)
23. Raffael Pfister (Southbank)
24. Raj Veerasekaran (Southbank)

Reserve 1. Gabriel Bowen (Grafton)
Reserve 2. William Ma (Imperial University) 
Reserve 3. Igor Novak ( Finchley Manor)
Reserve 4. Jack Aboody (Cumberland)
Reserve 5. Harry France (Radlett)
Reserve 6. Callum Rodgers (Southbank)
Reserve 7. Batoktyabri Davaasuren (Southbank)


C Grade

1. Adam McGee-Abe (Brondesbury)
2. Chloe Bhola (Harrow)
3. Henry Potter (Cumberland)
4. Chris Bickley (Cumberland)
5. Jimmy Ayad (Coolhurst)
6. Patricia O’Keeffe (Harrow)
7. Peter Myers (Coolhurst)
8. Alex Macintyre (Harrow)
9. Zach Moss (Coolhurst)
10. Jonathan Halliwell (Coolhurst)
11. Paul Selvey-Clinton (Dulwich)
12. Gruffydd Gozali (Cumberland)
13. Eliot Stewart (Old Actonians)
14. Adrian Leigh (Brondesbury)
15. Karen Mills (Hazelwood)
16. Alexander Koa-Wing (Oakleigh Park)
17. Uttara Raju (CM Ringers)
18. Tony Balmer (Harrow)
19. Matt Holbrook (Brondesbury)
20. Omer Maroof (Oakleigh Park)

Reserve 1. Chris Pearce (Brondesbury)
Reserve 2. Owen Yang (Southbank)
Reserve 3. William Ma (Imperial University) 
Reserve 4. Brad Martin (Coolhurst)

D Grade

1. Cyrus Ma (Southbank)
2. Tim Lei (Wembley)
3. Vishaal Shah (Harrow)
4. Zubid Rehman (Finchley Manor)
5. Alethea Lee (Southbank)
6. Georgina Brown (Coolhurst)
7. Dan Jarman (Southbank)
8. David Choi (Brondesbury)
9. Diane Lanigan (Clissold)
10. Tim Cox (Oakleigh Park)
11. Maureen Duke (CM Ringers)
12. Issam Hamid (RAC)

Reserve 1. Tariq Akbar (Brondesbury)
Reserve 2. Anthony Landau (Brondesbury)
Reserve 3. Adam Lennox (Brondesbury)
Reserve 4. Fatema Limbada (Swiss Cottage)
Reserve 5. Rui En Tong (Imperial University)
Reserve 6. Aditya Chandramouli (Coolhurst)

E Grade

1. Mahmoud Zidan (Southbank)
2. Giacomo Potter (Cumberland)
3. Philippa Maison (Finchley Manor)
4. Daniela Ellis (Clissold)
5. Iwan Pritchard (Finchley Manor)
6. Tarita Weber (RAC)
7. Theo Barwood (Brondesbury)
8. Jamie Firby (Brondesbury)

Reserve 1. Anthony Chimara (Harrow)
Reserve 2. Louise Britain (RAC)
Reserve 3.