The Dulwich Open 2024

Tournament Organiser

Joe Magor | | Tel: 07909531367

Tournament Dates

This event will be a one day event run on Saturday the 1st of June 2024 with the categories below.

Tournament Categories

A Grade – Players in the PSA, County Premier or 1st Division League Team (Squash Levels: 5000+ )

B Grade – Players in a County League 2nd or 3rd Division League Team (Squash Levels: 2600-4999)

C Grade – Players in a County League 4th or 5th or Lower Division League Team (Squash Levels: 1200-2599)

D Grade – Non-Team Players who play recreationally or in a Club internal League (Squash Levels: 300-1199)

E Grade – Non-Team Players who play recreationally or in a Club internal League (Squash Levels: 0-299)

More Information

• Trophies will be awarded to all grade and plate winners and finalists.

• Entry fee is £25.00 and payable either by cash on the day or by debit/credit card online or on the day!

• Entry Fee includes The Dulwich Open 2024 tournament t-shirt.

• All players are guaranteed a minimum of three matches as the event will be run using a monrad format.

• All matches will be Best of 3, PAR 11 Scoring (2 clear at 10-10)

• All matches results will be logged onto League Master and imported into Squash Levels

• For all enquiries, please email me at or call/text 07909 531367


The Dulwich Open 2024 - Entry Form

The Dulwich 2024 Entry Form

This entry list was last updated on: Wednesday 17th April 2024 @ 11:55pm

A Grade

1. Davide Bernardi (Southbank)
2. Arjan Virdi (Coolhurst)
3. Lawrence Alfred (Southbank)
4. Ahmed Khan (Uni of Bristol)
5. Chris Peer (Southbank)
6. Jonathan Andvig (Southbank)
7. Ashley Merchant (Dulwich)
8. Harry Prescot (Dulwich)

Reserve 1. Ali De Visme (Hithercroft)
Reserve 2. Joe Weavers (Coolhurst)
Reserve 3. Tom Trott (Datchet)
Reserve 4. Michael Jenkins (Southbank)
Reserve 5. Ben Lawes (Southbank)
Reserve 6. Michael Stenning (The Wimbledon Club)
Reserve 7. Andrew Larkin (Dulwich)

B Grade

1. Steve Ndumbe (Southbank)
2. Luca Nicolosi (Wimbledon Racquets)
3. Tony Bickley (Ongar SC)
4. Luke Mount (Mote)
5. Byrom Boutorabi (Canterbury)
6. Michael Smoczyk (Finchley Manor)
7. Thomas Kingston (Britannia)
8. Greig Andersson (Ebbisham)
9. Josh Hawkesby (Cumberland)
10. Callum Rodgers (Southbank)
11. Calum Harvey (Uni of Cambridge)
12. Jack Bishop (Paddington)
13. Emily Peach (Cumberland)
14. Jonathan Carter (Cumberland)
15. Harry Newman (Sheen LTSC)
16. Patrick de Courcy (Grafton)

Reserve 1. Alex Worrall (Coolhurst)
Reserve 2. Laura Neill (The Lansdowne Club)
Reserve 3. William Ma (Imperial)
Reserve 4. Ivor Green (Dulwich)
Reserve 5. Greg Collingham (Dulwich)
Reserve 6. Charlie Duckworth
Reserve 7. Dean Ricks (Dulwich)
Reserve 8. Joel Gould (Dulwich)
Reserve 9. Yeshkin Maharaj (Dulwich)

C Grade

1. William Barringer-Allen (Woodford Wells)
2. Uttara Raju (CM Ringers)
3. Paul Selvey-Clinton (Dulwich)
4. Gary Hewer (Bexley)
5. Alice Greswold (Dulwich)
6. Everton Brown (Haileybury)
7. Adam Metivier (Oasis)
8. James Hatton-Smith (Richmond Olympus)
9. Richard Davies (Grafton)
10. Philip Rossiter (Coolhurst)
11. Alina Perzanowska (Dulwich)
12. Owen Yang (Southbank)
13. Sebastian Hoarau (Cumberland)
14. Taha Soomro (Southbank)
15. Leo Danczak (Brixton)
16. Dan Finch (Lensbury)

Reserve 1. Jack Cross 
Reserve 2. Kieran Collins (Grafton)
Reserve 3. Gruffydd Gozali (Cumberland)
Reserve 4. Samy Dachraoui (Southbank)
Reserve 5. Christopher Ozard (Sheen LTSC)
Reserve 6. Oliver Wollaston (Dulwich)
Reserve 7. Adam Friswell (Bexley)
Reserve 8. Greg Foxon (Club Kingswood)
Reserve 9. Luka Bowles (The Weald)
Reserve 10. Hershil Shah (Dulwich)
Reserve 11. Jonathon Puttick (Southbank)
Reserve 12. Sam Lanham (Grafton)
Reserve 13. Satarra Thaker (Cumberland)
Reserve 14. Gleb Pashchenko (Southbank)
Reserve 15. Dan Cleall (Dulwich)
Reserve 16. James Woodbridge (Southbank)
Reserve 17. Richard Ho (Dulwich)
Reserve 18. Jean-Baptiste Meyer
Reserve 19. Joshua Stamp (Dulwich)
Reserve 20. Ben Suer (Dulwich)
Reserve 21. Rishaad Bushan
Reserve 22. Simon Dumbleton (Elwick)
Reserve 23. Brad Martin (Coolhurst)

D Grade

1. Alex Wilmot (Canterbury)
2. Freya Porter (Park Langley)
3. James Grogan (Southbank)
4. Omar Elrouby (Colets)
5. Dan Jarman (Southbank)
6. Darren Trebble (Maidstone)
7. Brandon Chin (Sundridge Park)
8. Ian Armstrong (Dulwich)
9. Adam Faber (Harpenden)
10. Marek Jablonski (Old Actonians)
11. Kieran Presland (Southbank)
12. Cyrus Ma (Southbank)
13. Stuart Nixon (Gosling)
14. Benjamin Yeats
15. Louise Gregory (David Lloyd Purley)
16. Matt Thompson (Richmond Olympus)

Reserve 1. Ben Elliott (Grafton)
Reserve 2. Zubid Rehman (Finchley Manor)
Reserve 3. Olha Zadorozhna (The Lansdowne Club)
Reserve 4. Charlie Marlow (Richmond Olympus)
Reserve 5. Simon Palmer (Gosling)
Reserve 6. Dominic Young (Radlett)
Reserve 7. Issam Hamid (RAC)
Reserve 8. William Kania (Letchworth)
Reserve 9. Rui En Tong (Imperial)
Reserve 10. Masao Matsuura (Imperial)
Reserve 11. Jake Davies (Dulwich)
Reserve 12. Richard Ho (Dulwich)
Reserve 13. Arraz Makhani (Dulwich)
Reserve 14. Taidgh Woodhead (Dulwich)
Reserve 15. Anthony Chimara (Harrow)
Reserve 16. Dae Ho Lee

E Grade

1. Harley Wilmot (Canterbury
2. Christopher Burnand
3. Mahmoud Zidan (Southbank)
4. Hermoine Glyn

Reserve 1. Iwan Pritchard (Finchley Manor)
Reserve 2. Daniela Ellis (Clissold)
Reserve 3. Anthony Fernandes (Grafton)
Reserve 4. Kerim Tasangil (Dulwich)
Reserve 5. Bir Virk (Dulwich)
Reserve 6. Martha Nugent (Dulwich)
Reserve 7. Ian Brotherston (Dulwich)
Reserve 8. Gareth Rosser (Grafton)
Reserve 9. Marek Sobieraj (Kingswood Basildon)
Reserve 10. William Nicholl (Brixton)