Ashaway UltraNick 17
Ashaway UltraNick 17

• 17 Gauge (1.25mm)

• Zyex Power filaments

• Colour: Optic Green

**Price includes cost of string and labour**


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Product Description
• 17 Gauge (1.25mm) • Zyex Power filaments • Colour: Optic Green

UltraNick still offers a fine, powerful, lightweight and durable string, just like PowerNick, but it also offers a soft feel. This is possible due to recent advances that have produced finer Zyex filaments in the string core. According to Ashaway’s Steve Crandall, the company has begun using these to produce new multifilament core packages with increased linear density and more cross sectional strength. The results are thinner, stronger, lighter-weight UltraNick strings which provide softer feel, more power and improved ball control, yet still offer the well-known Zyex playing characteristics and tension holding properties.



CM Stringers say: “This new string by Ashaway is excellent for power and touch and is more durable that it’s UltraNick 18 counterpart. Ideal for players that want good power, great control and added durability”