The Oktoberfest Cup 2021

Tournament Organiser

Joe Magor | | Tel: 07909 531367

This event will be run on Saturday 16th October 2021 with the categories:

A Grade (8 places) – Squash Levels: 4800 and above

B Grade (16 places) – Squash Levels: 2200-4799

C Grade (24 places) – Squash Levels: 1000-1999

D Grade (12 places) – Squash Levels: 200-999

Tshirt sweepstakes competition

For the first time, we are introducing a t-shirt sweepstakes competition for this event and also for The Fines Cup VII – Pandemic tournament (being held on the 4th of December 2021). Every player taking part in the tournament will automatically be entered into the competition at no extra cost. Every tournament t-shirt will have a QR code on the back. The process is simple, turn up, sign in to the tournament desk, pay your entry fee (if not already done beforehand) and you’ll receive your tournament t-shirt! Scan your code at the desk to see if you have won a prize!

• One super lucky player will win a Head Graphene 360+ Speed 120 SB racket as used by newly crowned British Open Champion, Paul “Superman” Coll!
• Three lucky players will win their £20 entry fee back (free entry, t-shirt and all-you-can-eat BBQ? Why not!?)
• Three unlucky players will win a drink forfeit at the bar!! (to be decided by the OF committee and is opt-in as well!)

Form submission is now closed.

This entry list was last updated on: Tuesday 12th October 2021 @ 9:30pm

A Grade

1. Pete Higgins (Brighton)
2. Josh Cutting (Canterbury)
3. Jonathan Andvig (Southbank)
4. Joe Magor (Canterbury)
5. Ashley Stanton (Coolhurst)
6. Chris O’Neill (Middleton)
7. George Porter (Middleton)
8. James Barrow (Johannesburg CC)
Res 1. Ben Hansford (Middleton)
Res 2.
Res 3.
Res 4.

B Grade

1. Alex Payne (Canterbury)
2. Anthony Jenkins (Canford)
3. Seb Posner (Charing Cross)
4. Deepak Mawar
5. Natasha Burrett (Southbank)
6. Matt Jenkins (Canterbury)
7. Daniel Sanches (New Malden)
8. Adam Ward (Canterbury)
9. David Sanches (New Malden)
10. Elliott Stanton (Hart)
11. Sam Shuff (Petersfield)
12. Adrian Little (Canterbury)
13. Scott Hews (Bexley)
14. Billy Rose (Colets)
15. David Newman (Wimbledon Racquets)
16. James Erte (Colets)
Res 1. John Hall (Leicestershire)
Res 2. Lazare Morel (K Sports)
Res 3. Chris O’Brien (Bexley)

C Grade

1. Clay Gravett (Canterbury)
2. Anand Krishna (KCL)
3. Tom Allum-Watts (Brigthon)
4. Shaakir Salam (KCL)
5. Paul Clifton (Elwick)
6. Uttara Raju (Southbank)
7. Julian Barker-Danby Dolphin
8. Bryony Paczy-Smith (Coolhurst)
9. Daniel Sweeney (Bromley)
10. Calum Porter (Bognor)
11. Harry Cozens (Knole Park)
12. Tai Griffiths (KCL)
13. Inco Planje (Southbank)
14. Dean Nicholson (Bexley)
15. Simon Dumbleton (Elwick)
16. Alex Robertson (Tunbridge Wells)
17. Shey Bamgbaiye (Southbank)
18. Henry Kitney (Rodmersham)
19. Nick Sheppard (Bishops Stortford)
20. Luke Van Den Berg (Park Langley)
21. Dominic Murphy (Thanet)
22. Baz Hodson (Hythe)
23. Tom Farrer-Newey (Canterbury)
24. Nic Wallder (Canterbury)
Res 1.
Res 2.
Res 3.

D Grade

1. Mrug Upadhyay (Southbank)
2. Ian Paterson (Canterbury)
3. David Oakes (Canterbury)
4. Trevor Bradshaw (Rodmersham)
5. Chris Thomas (Canterbury)
6. Leon Labovitch (Canterbury)
7. Darren Trebble (Maidstone)
8. Angus Goddard (Kings)
9. Ola Piwonska
10. Alex Massouh (Bexley)
Res 1. 
Res 2.
Res 3.
Res 4.
Res 5.