Nuffield St Albans Squash Graded 2023

Tournament Organiser

Joe Magor | | Tel: 07909531367

Tournament Dates

This event will be a one day event run on Saturday the 21st of October 2023 with the categories below.

Tournament Categories

A Grade (8 places) – Players in the PSA, County Premier or 1st Division League Team (Squash Levels: 5000+ )

B Grade (16 places) – Players in a County League 2nd or 3rd Division League Team (Squash Levels: 2500-4999)

C Grade (16 places) – Players in a County League 4th or 5th or Lower Division League Team (Squash Levels: 1200-2499)

D Grade (16 places) – Non-Team Players who play recreationally or in a Club internal League (Squash Levels: 300-1199)

E Grade (8 places) – Non-Team Players who play recreationally or in a Club internal League (Squash Levels: 0-299)

More Information

• Trophies for all grade and plate winners!

• Entry fee £25.00, payable by cash or card on the day!

• Entry Fee includes a St. Albans Black Ball Tournament 2023 tournament t-shirt

• All players are guaranteed a minimum of three matches as the event will be run using a monrad format.

• All matches will be Best of 3, PAR 11 Scoring (2 clear at 10-10)

• For all enquiries please email me at or call/text 07909 531367


A list of players that have entered this event can be found at the bottom of this page. This list is updated manually on a daily basis so your name won’t appear on the list straight after you have entered!

Nuffield St Albans Squash Graded 2023 - Entry Form

Nuffield St Albans Squash Graded 2023 Entry Form

This entry list was last updated on: Tuesday 17th October 2023 @ 9:10am

A Grade

1. Zak Mirza (Harrow)
2. Ali Ladak (Coolhurst)
3. Olly Dixon (Horsham)
4. Alex Imhof (Maidstone) 

Reserve 1.
Reserve 2.

B Grade

1. Jonathan Perolls (Nuffield St Albans)
2. Martin White (Nuffield St Albans)
3. Joe Prout (Harrow)
4. Georgy Yukhnovich (Grafton)
5. Gabriel Bowen (Grafton)
6. Greg Millhouse (Letchworth)
7. Matthew Nankivell (St Neots)
8. Davide Bernardi (Southbank)
9. Andrew Clark (Bishops Stortford)
10. Neville Jeyaratnam 
11. Ryan Harper (Biggleswade)
12. Max Lloyd (Biggleswade)
13. Jack Bishop (Paddington)
14. Jason Burgon (Hunts County)
15. Felix Frixou (Duffield)
16. James Langworthy

Reserve 1. James Morris (Uxbridge)

C Grade

1. Keith Winfield (Nuffield St Albans)
2. Darren Trebble (Maidstone)
3. Michael Jordan (Letchworth)
4. Rob Markham (Letchworth)
5. Stuart Pyper (Letchworth)
6. Matthew Doody (Chesham 1879)
7. Ben Franks (Gosling)
8. Kris Pillay (Herts Sports Village)
9. Steve Charles (Biggleswade)
10. Farakh Moughal (Gosling)
11. Bode Oye (Gosling)
12. Gift Nuka (Cambridge)
13. Russell Bennett (Letchworth)
14. Douglas Hudson (Nuffield St Albans)
15. Tim Cox (Oakleigh Park)
16. Akin Olunloyo (Radlett)
17. Tony Stewart (Radlett)
18. Alex Macintyre (Chesham 1879)
19. Josh Binmore (Nuffield St Albans)
20. Jonathan Warren (Colets)
21. Thomas Kingston (Britannia)
22. Patricia O’Keeffe (Radlett)
23. Jon Beniston (Purley)

D Grade

1. Christopher Wakley (Nuffield St Albans)
2. Chris Scott (Rodmersham)
3. Nicholas Herodotou (Nuffield St Albans)
4. Keith Ragg (Nuffield St Albans)
5. Adam Faber (Harpenden)
6. Andrew Young (Nuffield St Albans)
7. William Barringer-Allen (Woodford Wells)
8. Kevin Regan (Letchworth)
9. Darren Coyne (Letchworth)
10. Paul Davidson (Letchworth)
11. Stuart Nixon (Gosling)
12. Andrew Cairns (West Worthing)
13. Simon Palmer (Gosling)
14. Chris Saynor (Letchworth)
15. Paul Dewe (Letchworth)
16. Mingzhi Xie (Nuffield Canary Wharf)
17. David Migdal (Radlett)
18. Terry James (Market Harborough)
19. Cullen Clark (Bishops Stortford)
20. Manjit Ubhi (Bunyan Bulls)

Reserve 1. Zubid Rehman (Finchley Manor)

E Grade

1. William Kania (Letchworth)
2. Richard Penny (Rodmersham)
3. Otis Foster (Radlett)
4. Ian Merryfield (Gosling)
5. Katie Binmore (Nuffield St Albans)
6. Jacob Hill (Gosling)
7. Edwin Efemini (Gosling)
8. Rafay Ahmed (Nuffield St Albans)

Reserve 1. 
Reserve 2.