The Cumberland Open 2023

Tournament Organiser

Joe Magor | | Tel: 07909531367

Tournament Dates

This event will be a one day event run on Saturday the 4th of March 2023 with the categories below.

Tournament Categories

A Grade (12 places) – Players in the PSA, County Premier or 1st Division League Team (Squash Levels: 5000+ )

B Grade (24 places) – Players in a County League 2nd or 3rd Division League Team (Squash Levels: 2500-4999)

C Grade (16 places) – Players in a County League 4th or 5th or Lower Division League Team (Squash Levels: 1200-2499)

D Grade (16 places) – Non-Team Players who play recreationally or in a Club internal League (Squash Levels: 300-1199)

E Grade (8 places) – Players who are beginners and are new to the game (Squash Levels: 0-299)

More Information

• Trophies will be awarded to all grade and plate winners and finalists.

• Entry fee is £22.50 and payable either by cash on the day or by debit/credit card online or on the day!

• Entry Fee includes a Cumberland Open 2023 tournament t-shirt.

• All players are guaranteed a minimum of three matches as the event will be run using a monrad format.

• All matches will be Best of 3, PAR 11 Scoring (2 clear at 10-10)

• All matches results will be logged onto League Master and imported into Squash Levels

• For all enquiries, please email me at or call/text 07909 531367


A list of players that have entered this event can be found at the bottom of this page. This list is updated manually on a daily basis so your name won’t appear on the list straight after you have entered!

The Cumberland Open 2023 Entry Form

This entry list was last updated on: Wednesday 1st March 2023 @ 10:10am

A Grade

1. Ewan Bowerbank (Cumberland)
2. Joe Magor (Canterbury)
3. Jamie Wilde (Cumberland)
4. James McClean (Limpsfield)
5. Richard Hill (Purley)
6. Shahab Raza (Dulwich)
7. Simon Millman (Coolhurst)
8. Owen Riddall (Cumberland)
9. Ahmed Khan (Kingswood)
10. Charlie Gibson (Crawley)
11. Peter Baird (Britannia)
12. Patrick Stewart (Coolhurst)

B Grade

1. Alun Webster (Cumberland)
2. Gregory Dighton (Cumberland)
3. Jonathan Carter (Cumberland)
4. Matt Inglis (Cumberland)
5. Akansh Ganeriwala (Cumberland)
6. Jack Bishop (Paddington)
7. Gabriel Bowen (Grafton)
8. Chris Mason-Thom (Grafton)
9. Ashley Merchant (Grafton)
10. Mitch Hedges (Paddington)
11. Jake Tomlinson (Grafton)
12. Tony Bickley (Ongar SC)
13. Pranav Saran (Southbank)
14. David Simpson (Gerrards Cross SC)
15. Chris Peer (Southbank)
16. Iker Lanzagorta (Cumberland)
17. Darab Khan (Cumberland)
18. Joe Robbins (Britannia)
19. John Townhill (Charing Cross)
20. Raj Veerasekaran (Southbank)
21. Patrick Hui (Southbank)
22. Uday Shankar (Charing Cross)
23. Feni Ajumogobia (Southbank)
24. Yiannis Eftychiou
Reserve 1. Tom Richards (Lee-On-Solent)
Reserve 2. Sean Zurek (Tooting)
Reserve 3. Uday Malhotra (Cumberland)
Reserve 4. Bradley Cherry (Datchet & Eton)
Reserve 5. Claudio D’Angelo (The Wimbledon Club)

C Grade

1. Matilda Parslow (Cumberland)
2. Emily Peach (Cumberland)
3. Natasha Burrett (Cumberland)
4. Liam McKay (Cumberland)
5. Richard Davies (Grafton)
6. Andre Bharath (Grafton)
7. Andrew Barton (Grafton)
8. Chris Bickley (Cumberland)
9. Gleb Pashchenko (Southbank)
10. Joe Fraine (Southbank)
11. Sai Morrar (Nuffield Canary Wharf)
12. Gift Nuka (Cambridge)
13. Timothy Cox (Oakleigh Park)
14. Henry Potter (Cumberland)
15. Steve NDumbe (Southbank)
16. Bradley Sawyer (Sheen)
Reserve 1. Patricia O’Keeffe (Radlett)
Reserve 2. Sean Zurek (Tooting)
Reserve 3. Geoff Bew
Reserve 4. Jai Khemani (Cumberland)
Reserve 5. John-Ross Tan (Swiss Cottage)
Reserve 6. Kunle Adeboye (Kingsdown)
Reserve 7. Joseph Walder
Reserve 8. Redian Ohrey (Charing Cross)
Reserve 9. Simon Jackson (Boston)

D Grade

1. Emmanuel Deblanc (Cumberland)
2. Kristian Wedberg (Cumberland)
3. Alex Reyner (Cumberland)
4. Lucy Tetlow (Cumberland)
5. Gregory Stephenson (Cumberland)
6. Richard Chesser (Cumberland)
7. Ryan Stendall (Nuffield Canary Wharf)
8. James Hatton-Smith (Richmond Olympus)
9. Robin Weil (Cumberland)
10. Rolphy Lu Morrell
11. George John (Imperial College)
12. Leo Danczak (Southbank)
13. Mostafa Abdelmaksoud
14. Anna Gibson (Cumberland)
15. Tim Lei (Wembley)
16. James Robjant (Park Langley)
Reserve 1. Michael Los (Brondesbury)
Reserve 2. Kieran Presland (Southbank)

E Grade

1. Samaara Chaudhary (Cumberland)
2. Daniel Ramirez Saenz (Nuffield Battersea)
3. Tamas Benko
4. Alex Szabo
5. Lasse Nyhegn
6. Frederik Jessen
7. Rhiannon Maxwell (Lee-On-Solent)
8. Stuart Nixon
Reserve 1.
Reserve 2.